Our activities


June 2015: Teaming up with Team Estonia LOGREP

 Some members of the USA Infantry Team Estonia LOGREP, stationed at the Tapa base, started visiting our club in the spring and after learning of our club’s philanthropic activities in the country, they suggested that we do a project together.   After discussions about a suitable project, we decided to spend a Sunday in June to clean up together a site where former Soviet officers lived outside the base.  The site had dilapidated sheds and garages used for storage. Besides some of our club members pitching in, there were also local civilians who came to help out. After the clean-up, the soldiers prepared for lunch an American-style barbecue that was enjoyed by all. 


March 2015: Tallinn International Rotary club sponsor Estonian composer


We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of Estonian composer Karin Kuulpak to attend the Chanticleer National Youth Choral Festival™ . This prestigious event takes place on 30th March in in San Fransisco (USA). As Karin prepared to leave we caught up with her and asked her a few questions:

How were you selected for this trip?  I took part of the Chanticleer's Student Composer Competition and I managed to win it. Then I was told that my song will be part of Chanticleer's Youth Choral Festival and 300 people will learn and perform it. I just knew I had to be there for the world-premiere

What do you hope the trip will achieve? I hope I can work with the choirs and give them some advise and make sure the performance will be perfect.

How do you feel about going?  I'm so excited for the upcoming trip. In my opinion, It is every composer's dream to hear so many singers perform one's song. 

What difference has the Rotary's club's support made for you?  The Rotary Club's support means so much to me. They helped me reach my goal and now I can go and take part of the amazing event and enjoy the world-premier of my song.
I can't thank them enough. More information about the festival: http://www.chanticleer.org/concerts-and-tickets/bay-area/nycf/

 About Karin: Karin has been singing in Lasteekraani Music Studio since 1999 and she joined Estonian TV girls’ choir in 2009. She is studying in Gustav Adolf Grammar School. She has graduated from Nõmme Music School where she specialised in Piano and she has spent a year in the United States as an exchange student. Karin enjoys travelling, doing volunteer work at YFU Estonia and spending time with her friends and family.