Large families project - over the years


2017 & 2018


With the support received at our club's fundraisers - the Spring Ball - and the partnering by several Rotary clubs abroad, the Tallinn International Rotary Club (TIRC) has had, as its major activity, the Assistance to Large Families (ALF) projects since 2009.

During those 10 years, the ALF committee members visited 111 families in seven counties – one of them twice – and the city of Tallinn.

One of the strengths of Rotary is its ability to be flexible. In 2017 our project was largely focused on one family. Their need for a new roof was critical and no one else would help them. We did and now the family can sleep at night and stay dry…hardly a life of luxury, but a huge deal for them.

2018 saw more change again. We took a trip to see 21 families in Jõgeva county region. We judged that 19 of those families really needed help, but we did not know how we could say “No” to any of them…so we mounted our largest ever project. We had some help from Norway Rotary Club and some generous donations from private benefactors. In total we managed to pull together almost €50,000. 

Among the smaller needs for which the club allocated funds were ; Footwear, Clothing, extra-curricular activities, Kindergarten fees, Summer camp &Cultural Experiences

The project also installed indoor plumbing, repaired interiors, bought materials for replacement of roofs, installed heating, replaced wiring and windows for as many families as our funds made possible. 

…and we haven’t finished yet ! We have one family left that needs help desperately and we do not want to let them down.  They have no running water into their house except through a garden host (which is useless in the winter) and no drainage system at all. We want to give them both, there is some help available from local government, but they will only pay a small proportion. So we still need the support of our friends.

 If you would like more information about this project please contact do not hesitate to contact us. 




Our support for large families in need has benefited many families over recent years.  2015 is proving to be an exciting year for this project. This year our attention has turned to families in Valgamaa. With the kind hep of a very generous  donation of €9,000 from one of our honorary members, we were able to bring the gift of water to a family who had no running water or bathroom inside their home. This major project included installing the water supply pipe, and building a new bathroom, with toilet and shower. 





After the Christmas 2012 food baskets were delivered to the families in Narva and Kohtla-Järve, the Committee members visited families in Narva and Kohtla-Järve in the Spring of 2013.  As a result, seven families received assistance in the form of clothes, home appliances, and payment of kindergarten fees.  TIRC is helping an out-of-town family of five children, one of whom is severely disabled and attending a Tallinn vocational school for the disabled, by paying the child’s dormitory fee for the school-year 2013-2014. As a Christmas gift to the children of large families in Tallinn in 2013, the club took them to see a performance of the ballet “Nutcracker” at Estonia Theatre.  The thirteen families were joined by three club members for a lovely Sunday evening. 

Support for families affected by HIV: During 2013, this project engaged 21 Tallinn families with educational programs for children in the art museum, family visits to museums, theater productions, and concerts. In addition, it provided counseling in some cases and, also, educational and household articles. 

Rotary student exchange 2013-2014:  TIRC has for the first time sponsored and hosted students in the Rotary student exchange program.  Rotary District 7080 in Canada sponsored Delaney Brogan’s school-year 2013-2014 in Estonia and TIRC sponsored Anna-Liisa Johanson in exchange. All signs are that the students are happy with their respective hosts.