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Large families in need project 2015

 Our support for large families in need has benefitted many families over reent years.  2015 is proving to be an exciting year for this project. This year our attention has turned to families in Valgamaa. With the kind hep of a very generous  donation of €9,000 from one of our honourary members, we were able to bring the gift of water to a family who had no running water or bathroom inside their home. This major project included installing the water supply pipe, and building a new bathroom, with toilet and shower. 

 A survey of families has recently been undertaken and many urgent needs have been identified. Some families need help building new rooms to their inadequate homes, or essential upgrades to provide water. Others need simple thingss that we take for grnated—such as good shoes for school, or help with activities and sport programmes.  We are so thankful for generous donors who help us. If you would like more information about this project please contact do not hesitte to contact us. 


Assistance to Large Families in Need in 2012-2013

 After the Christmas 2012 food baskets were delivered to the families in Narva and Kohtla-Järve, the Committee members visited families in Narva and Kohtla-Järve in the Spring of 2013.  As a result, seven families received assistance in the form of clothes, home appliances, and payment of kindergarten fees.  TIRC is helping an out-of-town family of five children, one of whom is severely disabled and attending a Tallinn vocational school for the disabled, by paying the child’s dormitory fee for the school-year 2013-2014. As a Christmas gift to the children of large families in Tallinn in 2013, the club took them to see a performance of the ballet “Nutcracker” at Estonia Theatre.  The thirteen families were joined by three club members for a lovely Sunday evening. 

Support for families affected by HIV: During 2013, this project engaged 21 Tallinn families with educational programmes for children in the art museum, family visits to museums, theater productions, and concerts. In addition, it provided counseling in some cases and, also, educational and household articles. 

Rotary student exchange 2013-2014:  TIRC has for the first time sponsored and hosted students in the Rotary student exchange programme.  Rotary District 7080 in Canada sponsored Delaney Brogan’s school-year 2013-2014 in Estonia and TIRC sponsored Anna-Liisa Johanson in exchange. All signs are that the students are happy with their respective hosts. 


Aid to Large Families 2010

 In 2010, the Ottawa Rotary Club again contributed 20,000.00 EEK toward our Club’s Assistance Large Families project, as did Honorary Rotarians Sven Ottesen and Ellen Lande.  Two of our own club members made designated contributions and the rest of the budget consisted of the funds raised at the 2009 and 2010 spring balls. The club voted to focus on Võru County, located in southeastern Estonia, and the Committee members made a two-day fact-finding trip there, visiting 21 families. 

At the recommendation of the Committee, the Club paid for 88 pairs of children’s footwear, school supplies for 95 children, four months’ kindergarten fees for 18 children, stipends for five families experiencing extraordinary hardship, beds were puchased for two families, and one child received custom-made orthopedic shoes.

Additionally, organizations in Norway sent to our Club clothes - from infant sizes to adult - in excellent condition for distribution. The Club sent them to the visited families in Võru County, delivered to their homes by DHL.

Knopka (office supplies store) and Suurtüki (shoe store) had already cooperated with the club in the carrying out of the project in Valga County, and they did the same in Võru County, giving the families also a generous discount as they made their purchases in the store.